Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Block art: Creating mixed media art on wood

This block, which I had cut to order at Home Depot, is roughly 3x4 inches. It's similar in size to the artist trading card, which is 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I made this for a swap with one of my art group friends. I really like this substrate because the wood block allows you to go in-depth more than you would on a flat piece of paper. There are sides, a top, a bottom and a back to decorate. Plus, you can hammer and nail stuff into wood. Here's a starter photo, the near-finished piece, and the final version with all the embellishments:

The back, by the way, features my own hand-painted art tape (no need to by washi tape when you can make your own art tape!)

Catching up: Fun with words and washi tape

These are going into my "Neat Stuff" art journal inspired by the youthful playfulness of Mindy Lacefield.

Catching up: Mixed media reverse background technique

This is my finished canvas (11x14) using a reverse background technique taught by Kayann Ausherman of From Victory Road in a workshop I hosted.

Catching up: Mixed media faces with Dina Wakley

So, Dina Wakley rocks. Period. I've had the privilege of taking a few in-person classes with her and I always leave happy and inspired. Last August, I took a series of Faces workshops with her over a weekend in Edmond, Oklahoma. It was so much fun. Dina's art is intuitive, messy and unrestrictive, which I love. Here are the photos and art from that event.

(That's Dina, left, and shop owner Maura.)

My pieces:

(In this exercise, the first one, above, was done without lifting my pencil, and the second one was done without looking at the paper.)

Cathing up: Another Inspiration Wednesday spread

An Inspiration Wednesday page in progress...

Catching up: An artist trading card and a chalk paint canvas using stencils

A year ago July, my talented art group friend, Ronda, had an artsy birthday party for her big 4-0. The fun included making her an artist trading card and getting to paint our own blank canvas (provided) using chalk paint and stencils. We all had a blast! These were my contributions.

Catching up: Mixed media ornament pennants

These sassy girls and a bird were made for an art group friend for our annual handmade artsy ornament exchange.

Catching up: "There's No Place Like Home" acrylic mixed media canvas

I made this sweet little 4x6 canvas a few years ago for one of my art group friends. It was part of an art challenge exchange. Her theme was "anything Kansas." I used acrylics, inks and Gelatos.

Catching Up: "Dead de Mona" altered book spread

This is my "Dead de Mona" page, a spread I painted in my friend's "Mona Lisa" altered book. Thanks to Lisa Vollrath of Ten Two Studios for the inspiration and technique!

Catching up: Art dolls made of wood

This little cutie is a piece I made on some wood pieces I had on hand a few years ago. The face, which I hand-carved -- not very well, mind you -- out of a small block -- is hand painted and the body is collaged and embellished.

You know I love to give props to artists who inspire me. I absolutely love taking classes and workshops from artists whose work I admire. Much thanks to Desert Dream Studios art maven Mary Jane Chadbourne for the inspiration on this piece.

Catching up: Artfully Inspired Life journaling with Joanne Sharpe

Working in my 2015 Artfully Inspired Life journal with the amazing Joanne Sharpe. If you love journaling and lettering, you will love Joanne's beautiful, generous and affordable year-long art journaling workshop (which has forever access, thank goodness!). I've also had the privilege of taking several live classes with Joanne and she's as lovely and generous in person as she is with her online classes.

Here is the finished page:

Catching up: Inspiration Wednesday pages

This is more work from the 2015 Inspiration Wednesday series led by Donna Downey. If you've never heard of Donna's IW classes, check this out. It's a great value and you get a new video every two weeks to inspire you to create in your own journal.

I love Donna's work because mine is a bit like that too: messy, colorful and unrestrictive.

My 2015 Inspiration Wednesday journal is 90 percent complete, so I'll be sharing those pages with you as I "catch up." Thanks for looking!

Catching up: Watercolor art with Helen Shafer Garcia

I'm just gonna say it right now: I love Helen Shafer Garcia. She is so freakin' talented. Check out her website and salivate over her watercolor work.

I was fortunate to be able to take a workshop with her at Art & Soul 2015 in Kansas City and we made this gorgeous iridescent crinkle quilt on Japanese masa paper that rocked. Here are a few photos from that experience. Sorry, the photos aren't better, but that's mobile shooting for you. I hope one day to get Helen out here to my neck of the woods to teach a class!

Catching up: Some Mindy Lacefield-inspired art

I've been so remiss in posting to this blog, mostly because Facebook is so right there and easy. But I do want to maintain this art blog better, and I think I've figured out a way to more consistently post regularly by linking my two favorite art sharing mediums: Facebook and Blogger.

But before that, let me catch up with some posts highlighting my favorite art endeavors over the past year. It's interesting to look back and see the directions I've taken or certain areas I've evolved. But one thing is clear: I love creating art! I just wish I had more time!

Here are a couple of pieces I started in a Mindy Lacefield workshop at Art & Soul last year in Kansas City, the last year that conference was held there. Theses are 12x12 on wood panels.