Saturday, January 31, 2015

New year, more art - starting with Inspiration Wednesday pages!

Every new year I get motivated to get better at posting my art and thoughts about my mixed media explorations. I start off ... and then fizzle with just a few posts here and there. BUT THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT! Right? Right?

Here's my first post of 2015. At least I got it up while it was still January! I have much to share and will, yet again, endeavor to be more consistent at posting.

Here are my first two spreads in my Inspiration Wednesday 2015 journal, a year-long technique exploration with the talented and prolific Donna Downey. I just met her in person this month at a shop near Oklahoma City and very  much enjoyed her weekend workshop, Metamorphosis. I'll post those pics soon, I promise! :)

Week #1:

Week #2:

Lots of gesso here! And acrylic glazing.