Saturday, April 20, 2013

It was supposed to be a girl: My effort with clay

I've been wanting to work with clay for some time now, so I jumped on the chance to take a class called Story Tellers with the talented Tory Borkenshire at Art & Soul using original Sculpey modeling clay (baked). The figure was sculpted, painted and attached to a vintage Prince Albert tin by me (with a little help on the fingers by Tory, love her!).

I did not intend for my piece to end up looking like a old Middle Eastern market vendor. My original intention was to make a cute little girlie face to attached to an adorable pink croquet ball. However, the more I worked this baby, the more he ended up looking like an old man.

But, as Tory so generously put it, Michelangelo only hewed away the rough walls to reveal what was inside the marble, LOL. I couldn't help it! I do love his white hair fringe that encircles his mostly bald head.

I enjoyed this class and can't wait to work more with some clay. Maybe that elusive girl will make her face known yet!

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