Monday, August 25, 2008

Into the Looking Glass

My ATC contribution to Go Make Something's Make It Mondays challenge. This week's theme: Alice in Wonderland.

I used foil for the mirror.

Sorry the picture's not very sharp. I took this photo with an old digital camera instead of my scanner.


Smullis said...

This is great. I love the mirror idea.

Artyfax said...

NIce use of images to give a great composition to this card.

Yes the foil mirror is a great idea. Is it sandwiched between cards so that you see the foil thro' a heart shaped aperture? I have tried die-cutting shapes from foil but they usually end up crinkled. - John

CafeArtiste said...

That's exactly right, John. Because I got the idea for the mirror after I placed all the pieces, I punched through the card, added a scrap of foil to the back and then reinforced it with some more cardstock.