Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aw shucks!!!

Got a shout-out from one of my favorites artists and instructors, Lisa Vollrath, who picked me and one of my ATCs as the featured Make It Mondays artist on her blog this week! Thanks Lisa!

Check out Lisa's blog post here.

And the rest of her site here:


I've had several requests for instructions on how I made the wings in the above ATC. It's a fun technique. The wings are made from a colorful napkin, applied with a decoupage and collage gel to an ATC base.
  • First, peel all the layers from your napkin, leaving only the thin, top printed layer. Position your napkin over the top of your ATC base (in the area where the wings will be). Use a thin, watery type of gel adhesive that freely slides and glides over your napkin without tearing it. I used a decoupage and collage gel from Artsy Collage, but I'm not sure they make it any more.
  • Use your finger to smooth the gel all over your napkin onto your ATC base. Gently rub the napkin to smooth out the wrinkles. The napkin should sort-of melt into the ATC base. Don't press too hard or over-rub, as your napkin might tear. A few wrinkles are fine! Set aside to dry.
  • Take your fairy picture, already cut to size to completely fit over your ATC base, and hand-draw your wings with pencil. Cut out the wings with a razor blade so you have the main picture with a hole wear the wings should be. I then use a silver or gold metallic pen to outline the wing area on the main picture. Glue the fairy over the dried napkin base.

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