Saturday, July 19, 2008

The organizer

I found this dusty rose and black art organizer
bag at a scrapbook shop last summer and salivated
over it until my mom offered to get it for my birthday. It's made by Tote*Ally. I love this thing. It has so many pockets and compartments, I can tote just about anything to my art group.
For the basics, I always take my scissors, glue, ruler
pens and X-acto knife. I'm one of those people who
prefer the razor knife to scissors. Then,
depending on the project we're planning to do,
I'll add ephemera, tins of embellishments and
scrap paper. I mean, you never know, right?
However, if it's too big or too much to fit in the
tote, it doesn't go with me.


Stephen said...

Remember, Andi, when toting the Tote, NO RUNNING WITH SCISSORS!

CafeArtiste said...

Why thank you, Augustine!