Saturday, August 12, 2006

Silver Dollar City preserved

Here are two ATCs from a batch of seven I made for a swap themed "Labels and Ticket Mania."

The rule was to use some sort of authentic ticket or label on the cards, and I decided to take our family's Silver Dollar City entry tickets and turn them into some art.

The background was cut from the retail sacks I saved from Silver Dollar City -- which I love because they have that old-time newspaper look -- and I punched the tickets into the shape of tags, which can be rotated on the brad so you can see the back.

Monte strikes again!

(Click on the picture above to enlarge)

That talented husband of mine! He just keeps getting more creative all of the time! Here's his latest batch of ATCs he made for an official swap in an art group (with a hostess other than myself). Can you guess the theme?

Pay close attention to these cards -- there's such detail in them! For example, Monte used miniature -- and I mean TINY -- buttons for the checkers pieces (ATCs are only 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches).

He used miniature Scrabble tiles we happened to find in a craft supply store. The Candyland game has copies of original game pieces glued to cardstock and raised above the card with foam.

Monte used several symbolic doodads and a variety of fun pieces to highlight the theme of the various games (finding the backgrounds alone was an interesting challenge!), and he finished each card with a clever sentiment.

Great job, Honey!