Friday, June 09, 2006

Welcome to Cafe Artiste!

Welcome to Cafe Artiste, a fancy little name for my newfound art space. I got the name idea from a sign I bought at Hobby Lobby a few weeks back. The fancier words "Louvre" and "Paris" also grace the sign here in my comfy art room, but I'll not be speaking French here.

I mostly want a place to post my art (and other stuff) that is easy to access. I have a private Yahoo group on which I keep my beloved artwork, but I've had several friends who were unable to navigate the red tape that is signing up for a Yahoo account and joining a group.

I've also thought it would be neat to start a journal of sorts on the trials and tribulations and joys of being a "Sudden Mom" to three stepchildren and a new wife to my wonderful husband, but I'm not sure I want to get that intimate in an open market. I'll have to think about that. Where's Erma Bombeck when you need her?

Meanwhile, I'll see how this develops!

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