Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day ... and some good art too!

This year, I had four dads to account for: my dad (who enjoyed a couple of movies and some socks), my stepdad, Ric, (one of my heroes), my father-in-law, Larry, (who got a "No. 1 Grandpa" T-shirt), and my husband, Monte, who will now be the best barbecue-er in the world with his new gas grill (click here if you want to see the exact kind we got him).

The kids and I snuck around this morning before dad got out of bed and pulled the already assembled grill out of my vehicle, around to the backyard and put a tiny red bow on it. The girls made dad a card and D. had found a cool card on his own that we got him.

Monte's parents dropped by after church this morning. His dad is still weak from his bout of infections last month and had to be helped up the stairs into the house. Monte is still couch-ridden after his surgery Friday. So, both dads on the couch being catered to and we women doing everything! I'm not sure they minded that at all! Good thing we love them so much! :-)

Overall, the day was relaxing. Although I made my family some eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast, I didn't have to cook dinner, as we ordered chicken wings (bone-out) from Pizza Hut tonight, so that was nice (no dishes!) Man, that's one thing you don't think of when you have a big family: the dirty dishes NEVER end!

And one of the best things: I got to my art this evening. I started and finished the above Summer Art Doll, which I will be swapping out with a partner sometime in July. I can't wait to see what she sends me! I like this doll so much, I'm thinking about keeping her and making another one. It was pretty quick and I'd like to play with the face a little more.